SMART-Circuit is a dynamic simulator of distribution grids (curently being developed for PSE&G). It has a full representation of the circuit, including substations, transformers, breakers and reclosers.

Features:Smart Circuit

We are planning on using the simulator for several purposes:


Outage probabilities

An important dimension of our research involves estimating the probability of the location of an outage. In order to assess the value of investments that allow us to know the state of the network better, we need to develop methods that do the best job possible with the information we have.

We have developed a probability model that estimates the likelihood of where an outage has occurred which reflects the configuration of the grid (for example, an outage at one location will trigger a breaker closer to the substation, that will then trigger other outages). The probabilities reflect phone calls from customers - even a failure to call will affect our probabilities.

We use these probabilities to guide the dispatch of utility trucks. We also recognize the value of information - utility trucks collect information as they drive around the network, as do damage assessment crews, which can be used to improve our knowledge of the network.


Outage probabilitiesOur simulator can be used to show the probabilities of outages by highlighting segments in red, as shown to the right. Wider red lines mean higher probabilities of outages. The yellow circles represent outages that are not known to the utility.

SMART-Circuit can be used to perform side-by-side simulations that allow us to see the benefit of a particular investment. The simulator is able to keep track of information (such as lost power) that would not be known in an actual storm.